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Fishing report for 4/11/14

Very little ice fishing to report as all area lake shorelines are getting greasy. Can still fish Waska with atv or walking. Have pleasant surprise- Starbuck marina is open and fishable! Ice went off Thursday. Will be nice to see open water fishing after such a long winter. There should also be some open water fishing in fish hatchery bay by Glenwood.

Fishing report for 4/4/14

Very few people fishing all area lakes. Sunfish and crappies have started the late ice bite on Waska. Also panfish activity has been consistent on Mary, Cork, and Maple lake. Warmer weather should mean a good late season bite.

Fishing report for 3/28/14

Slow, slower, and slowest. Very quite time of year. Ice fishing will improve with warmer weather and when water starts to run in the holes.

Fishing report for 3/21/14

The report is the same as last week. Sunfish and crappies on Glenwood end. Nothing on Starbuck side.

Fishing report for 3/14/14

Warmer weather has made ice fishing enjoyable. Sunfish are being taken on Glenwood side of Waska. You will have to search until you find them. Crappies towards evening in same area as sunfish. Still a lot of fishing activity on Maple lake. No other area lake reports.

Fishing report for 3/7/14

Warmer weather finally! Very few reports from area lakes. That will change with our warmup. Crappie and sunnies will start for real on Glenwood side of Waska. Still catching crappies on Maple lake. Have reports of panfish activity on Mary, but cannot confirm. Think spring!

Fishing report for 2/28/14

More cold and more wind. Actually more of the same. Very few people fishing this past week due to the weather. Game fish season is over. Some crappies biting at dark and after on the Glenwood side. Sunfish have been hard to locate, but they are nice size if you can find them. No area lake reports this past week.

Fishing report for 2/21/14

Much the same as last week for fish activity. Much harder to get around on all area lakes including Waska. There will be some roads on Waska by the weekend but I would suggest 4-wheelers if you want to go somewhere on your own. Last weekend for game fish season so get out and enjoy!

Fishing report for 2/14/14

Glimmer of hope for walleye anglers! Reports of eyes being caught in 14-18 feet of water using fatheads or shiners. This is typical for end of season walleye patterns. Sunnies on the Glenwood side using silver wigglers and small jigs. You will have to locate the sunfish, but once you do these fish are nice size. Crappies on Glenwood end towards evening and after dark. Very nice size crappies. Drifting snow has been a problem on area lakes, but so far Waska has been easy to get around on.

Fishing report for 2/7/14

Same old, same old. Winter weather has slowed fishing. Walleyes on area lakes are non-existent. Crappie and sunfish has been good on Glenwood side of Waska. Other area lakes for panfish are Maple and Little Mary.

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